4 Pieces of Bad Advice a SEO Company Can Give You

Jan - 19 2016 | By

Search any topic related to SEO and you will get hit with hundreds of thousands of results. In fact, you will get so many ideas flying around, that you may find it hard to believe that most of them are wrong. You may run into a blog post or a bit of content from a SEO company, and when you explore a bit more, you’ll realize that they too are wrong about optimization strategies in these modern times.

seoIf you are looking to hire a professional, you will need to look at the bad advice and run far away from it. In trying to find the truth of the SEO world, the following has been compiled. You’ll find that these tidbits are tried and true in that they have debunked common optimization myths that are still being advertised by certain companies. If you see this offered by a company that you want to hire or you are going to try your hand at doing it yourself, be careful, you may end up losing out in the long term.

Dropping Comments on No Follow Blogs

In the past, you could use the comment section of a website and gain a lot of backlinks. You could even hire an SEO company to diligently drop comments and links into no follow blogs and you would score huge ranking jumps. This is absolutely bad in today’s framework. If you’re doing this still, or you’ve hired someone to do this, you are going to end up with a lot of problems. The latest algorithm shifts in major search platforms are penalizing sites that do this, and it’s because the commentary is traditionally spam. Offering something valuable to a conversation takes time, and effort. Every comment you leave on a blog will get tracked and the time stamp, length of post, and link to your site will be scrutinized. If there’s a proliferation of the comments across several similar blogs, you are going to lose traffic.

Forum Signatures

There’s nothing wrong with forum signatures, if you’re an active member of a forum. However, if you hire forum users to change their signatures to point to your page, or any sort of service that does this, you’ll end up losing out as well. The problem here is repetition and constant spamming of forums. Webmasters that host forums online have started to implement rules against this, making sure that their forums aren’t used for the sake of SEO spamming, but it’s still prevalent. Try to avoid anything that requires you to duplicate content, or continually hinge on one keyword for the purpose of backlinks to your site.

Article Marketing (Spinning)

Spinning articles is a slippery slope. It’s something that you should not engage in, and should be wary of from certain companies. If you hire a SEO company and they are going to post content on your behalf, and will be spinning articles, make sure that they are not done with duplication, software, or any sort of shortcut. It’s easy to spin, and cause major break downs of information. This is seen as spam. If you’re going to engage any sort of article publishing, make sure that everything you have is 100% unique, and new, with careful consideration of the end user. Otherwise, you will fall out of favor with search results.

Buying Backlinks From Link Farms

Be careful when you’re directed to buy links, or hire a SEO company that is notorious for buying links from these farming sites. You want to make sure that you have a direct relationship with sites that are linking to you, or at least ensure that you’re not buying placements on pages that are not relevant to your page or simply have been penalized for lackluster compliance with modern optimization rules.