Important Reminders When Hiring an SEO Company

Oct - 21 2015 | By

(SEO) campaignsSearch engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are now commonplace among websites as a marketing strategy that it is probably harder to find websites that do not employ them (literally). Most marketers agree with one another that SEO campaigns are integral to a successful marketing strategy for almost any kind of website.
There are still people out there who have no idea what SEO operations are about, let alone what they can do for a website. In essence, SEO operations help improve a website’s performance. SEO operations achieve this in a variety of different ways. For one thing, successful SEO campaigns provide websites an increased amount of visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Increased visibility on SERPs translates to an increased amount of traffic as research has shown that most people rely on SERPs to discover new websites. The increased amount of traffic, which is pretty much what every website wants, means more advertiser interest and more conversions for websites that practice e-commerce.

The benefits of SEO operations are rarely disputed. It may have a few disadvantages or cons, but the benefits outweigh the negative issues.
Websites that do not have the capability to launch their own SEO campaign will do well to hire an SEO company to launch and operate their campaign for them. In fact, that is how most websites launch their SEO campaign. Before choosing and SEO company, though, here are a few important reminders that can help in choosing the wrong one.

Thinking about the kind of relationship
The first thing that a website must take into consideration is the kind of relationship they plan to establish with the SEO company. Will the service be a onetime thing or will it be one of those long term partnerships?
See, some websites only employ SEO companies to help start their SEO operations through an SEO campaign. Once the campaign is launched the website waits for results. When the results start to manifest, the website then takes over the SEO operations and continues where the SEO company left off. The relationship between the website and the SEO company is in a temporary capacity. This is only advisable for websites that have the resources necessary for the continued maintenance of their SEO operations.
Other websites like to treat their SEO companies as a business partner. SEO is not a onetime deal. Sure the website already has traction in that it has achieved a high rank in SERPs, but that does not mean that they can fall from the top. Many in fact do. For that reason, some websites establish a long term relationship with their SEO company.
White hat SEO techniques. Yes. Black hate SEO techniques. No.
SEO techniques fall under two general and distinct categories, white hate SEO techniques and black hat SEO techniques.
Black hat SEO techniques are the unfavorable means by which some SEO practitioners or companies give websites a top tier ranking on SERPs. These techniques are frowned upon by search engine operators as they are fraudulent by nature and do not give search engine users the kind of websites that they want.
White hat SEO techniques are the legitimate means a website can achieve a high rank on SERPs. A good SEO company will only employ white hat SEO techniques.
Understand that websites that use black hat SEO techniques are at risk of getting banned from search engines, that is to say, their websites will never appear on an SERP ever again.

Looking at the fine print
This is very important, especially for those who are just about to enter into an agreement with an SEO for the first time. In an ideal world all SEO companies play fair. In the real world, some SEO companies are dirty cheaters who ruin the reputation of the industry as a whole. Always make sure to read a service agreement carefully as the price is not as important as the fine print.