Message Sent: Safety Saves Lives

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Before a trip abroad, people often tell their loved ones to be safe.

These two words are just six letters long but have a lot of meaning. The phrase deeply expresses care towards another, especially if the other person is a family member, friend or significant other. What if the words are uttered towards a stranger or a mere acquaintance at work, how does the reception of such a short message differ?

When people wish for the safety of another, it means that the person cares for the welfare of the other – however, this kind of relationship does not usually exist in the workplace. It takes more than two words to convey the importance of maintaining a safety culture in the company.

Unlike two people who are involved in each other’s lives at an emotional level, a professional relationship requires a clear-cut message delivered in an effective medium to reach more people.

The Message

Starting a culture of safety begins with creating a message. It must be simple to understand but deep enough to allow nuanced responses when faced with different risk levels. In safety presentations for example, keynote speakers often begin by impressing the audience with a strong message before building up slowly to the specific ideas that need to be conveyed.

It is not enough that the speakers introduce themselves with a simple, “Be safe” message. The message must be self-explanatory but with enough impact. In one of the safety presentations by an oil company for their employees, the speaker opened by saying how much the company cares for the safety of their employees more than the additional profit they can get had the company chosen to be less mindful of the security protocols in place.

The Delivery

For a message to be believable, it has to be delivered in a manner that is forceful but not too imposing. A speaker who struggles to find the right words speaks volumes about his inexperience in the subject. How will the employees rely on the administration when their face and voice does not appear to be reliable?


Safety presentations must be delivered by a credible speaker. He must remain calm and maintain authority. The speaker must be equipped in handling any reactions or questions from the audience. Otherwise, the message, no matter how well thought-out, will just be lost somewhere in the process.

It is important to remember that the speaker is the face and voice of the company in creating the culture of safety. He is the embodiment of the reassurance that the company cares for the health and welfare of their employees.

The Content

Conveying the message in a presentation is not all about being able to deliver timely jokes, convincing quips, or relevant quotes. Safety presentations should always involve hard facts. Presentations must be tailor-made for the jobs of the audience. For example, if the audience are workers of a garment production, research must be made regarding the known risks facing these workers.

These include asthma due to dust and fatigue among others. The presentation must include statistics relevant to the safety issues and are from sourced reputable agencies. These makes sure that all claims made in the presentation are backed by numbers.

The facts should take half the content but the other half must include suggestions and industry-specific safety guidelines. Speakers shouldn’t just outline the safety problems faced by different corporations; their roles include: (a) raising awareness among the employees of the company about safety issues, (b) educating the employees about the repercussions of not following safety guidelines, (c) guiding company managers in implementing safety protocols and (d) creating a culture of safety within the company.

Simply put, speakers have very important roles and thus, firms should be careful when choosing among such safety specialists – only the best will suffice.


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