Should You Hire a SEO Agency Locally or Online?

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SEO Companies that offer marketing and content optimization are everywhere in the web. Each company claims that they are the best, that they offer excellent and top-of-the-line services, and that they are not a fraud. Well, spotting the real deal is hard.

The question is “should you hire your professional SEO agency locally or online?” Here are some of the factors you should consider:


Hiring an agency in your local area to optimize your website seems more practical and more secure. However, not all website owners have this opportunity.Before choosing an online SEO agency that is based outside your locality, try searching for a local agency. Before optimization became popular, local companies that offer SEO are few. Most of them are all either US-based or from Europe. However, due to the rising demand for content marketing, business-minded people began to see the need to localize SEO companies.If going local isn’t possible, the next option is to avail of the services of an online SEO company. If both are available,consider the succeeding factors before finalizing your decision.

Security and Confidentiality

How well can the company keep your information secure? You need to know the protocols they adopt. If security is breached, how do they handle the situation and maintain confidentiality.


A good SEO company that knows the ins and outs of the business should be able to discuss to you the methods they use in bringing your website to the top pages. White hat SEO is the safest but the longest route.Do not get carried away with promises of immediate results because it might hurt your site in the long run.

Customer Support

If you opt for a local agency, you have more options to contact them when something goes wrong with their service. You can call them through their customer service hotline, email them, or visit them when they are not picking up your call or answering your email. With an online SEO company, you only have two options – call or mail them.

SEOIf you’re having a hard time contacting customer support, especially during the planning stage, take it as a warning sign. It could only mean a number of things. One, the customer support service is outsourced. Two, the company is not professional in handling problems in their services. Three, the company is a fraud.

When you are not certain if the SEO consultant is the real deal, you can ask around if some of your friends, relatives, or colleagues have worked with the company you are eyeing. If they have, interview them how the company handled their complaints.


As a website owner, you would like to minimize costs especially if you are starting. What is then the optimum costs in hiring the service of an SEO adviser? It all depends on your ultimate goal and your willingness to spend on the service. Hiring an SEO consultant is like buying a personal computer. The better the performance you want, the higher it will cost. It is the same with search engine optimization. The better the results you aim for, the higher the cost it will entail.

If you want cheap SEO that offers good results, you are in for big disappointment. No real SEO consultant will charge cheap when you are aiming for long term, massive results with your website.

Considering all the factors above, which one should you hire, a local professional SEO Agency or an online one? If an SEO agency is available in your local area, try scheduling an appointment with them first. However, if they are asking for an initial fee without even discussing your goals, take heed. Consider it as a red flag and stay away from such company.

You have decided to hire a consultant to do your SEO. What will you do next? Here is a basic step-by-step process that you may follow.

1.Face-to-Face Interview. If possible,talk to them personally.If not, you can have the initial meet up through online correspondence where you can see your consultant. The first meeting is about discussing your goals and the results you want to achieve for your website.

2.Ask for a sample of their work, like websites that they have or are currently working on. The consultant does not have to discuss those sample works in detail because of confidentiality matters. What you need to watch out for is the “how” the company brought their existing or past clients to the top.

3.On your next meeting, the consultant should have a marketing plan ready for you. In this stage, evaluate how detailed the plan is. Did the consultant study your website, its strength and weaknesses, its competitors and among others.

4.Ask about the costs. Establishing the cost is extremely complex. However, the consultant should discuss to you in detail and what you are expected to pay. At the same time, you should also convey your own expectations and marketing budget.

5.If everything is laid out and you are satisfied, it is time for the contract to be signed.

Of course, during the entire process, be sure to remain professional.

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  1. Alicia Beet says:

    According to me better option is going with online search because you can find a SEO agency online to get you ranked online. This SEO agency luckily was local for me and I got them through online 🙂

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