Tips in Choosing the Right Clubs

Oct - 05 2017 | By

Whether it is a sleeve of balls, hybrid, putter or a driver, you might need some help in making the most of your next purchase, and it is always best to get this help from some of the experts in the field. Callaway Golf is one of the biggest and most popular golf equipment manufacturers. For many years now, they have been designing and creating top of the line products for golfers of all types. Here are some tips from them that can help you the next time you shop for your golf clubs.

1.Get a shorter driver

Callaway -Golfwhen it comes to drivers, shorter is better. A lot of drivers today have shafts that are 45 inches or longer. On the PGA Tour, the average driver is 44.5 inches. Actually, the pros know something very interesting about drivers. They find that a longer golf club makes it harder to hit squarely. So, in terms of woods, shorter is better. Also, an open club face at impact is likely to cause a fault. Getting a driver that has a closed club face angle might prove to be a smart move.

2.Consider your 3-wood as your driver

if the distance using your 3-wood is the same as your driver, then the loft on your driver is not enough. For most players, even a loft of 11 degrees is not enough. So, rather than the usual driver, 3 and 5-wood configuration, put three golf clubs in your bag that would actually help you and go for 3, 5, 7-wood combination (Callaway Golf offers this set). With this simple change, most golfers may improve their game by up to five strokes.

3.Do not consider adding in a 3, 4, and even a 5

iron on your next set – the loft on 3, 4-irons, and perhaps even a 5-iron, are so little that they are almost unhittable for a typical golfer. The answer to this is going with hybrid clubs.

4.The secret to purchasing hybrid clubs is that they should exactly match the irons that they are going to replace

hybrids are easier to hit with, and their goal is to replace long irons, but still reach the same distance – not shorter, not longer. To avoid distance gaps, make sure that you replace long irons with hybrids that have the same loft and length.

5.Know how to differentiate hybrid clubs from fairway woods

hybrids are iron replacements, but there are some hybrids that have the same lengths and lofts as fairway woods, which can cause confusion. After all, just like hybrids that Callaway golf offers, fairway woods are also easy to hit. However, here is the general rule: fairway woods are for you if you cleanly hit shots off the turf. If you tend to take divots and have a steeper swing, you are better off using hybrids.

6.In golf clubs, there is no “one-size-fits-all”

golfers have different sizes, swing skills, and shapes, which means they need different lofts, lie angles, weights, and lengths. If the lie angle is incorrect, the toe or heel would be up, which may lead to a push or pull, even if you swing perfectly. If a club is too light, too heavy, or too long, you would not constantly deliver the club head to make it square at impact.

7.Consider your home course when choosing wedges

if the greens are small, elevated, and fast, you need a lot of loft. If the bunkers are filled with a lot of soft sand, you need a sand wedge from Callaway Golf that has a wider sole or more bounce. If the turf is firm and results to lots of tight lies, you would want less bounce.

8.When you putter around, check the “three L’s”

Callaway Golfwhen your putter looks like a branding iron or it has a classic shape, you have the three L’s – length, lie angle, loft. Well, that’s not necessary right. It does not matter how it looks, you would not putt well. At impact, the loft should be correct and the sole should be parallel to the ground; no other combination imparts a true roll. A putter that has a wrong lie angle and length would result to pushes and pulls. Too much or too little loft would result to the ball bouncing and rolling off-line.

9.Always remember the ball

because ball technology is a lot better now, you do not need to choose between a marshmallow and a rock. Normally, you need a ball that has high spin off a wedge or has low spin off a driver. However, most golfers must take note of this factor – distance. It is much more important to have extra yardage off the tee than to have a little more spin around the greens.

10.Determine the combination of golf clubs

you are limited to 14 clubs, including a putter. Ensure that the combination of your irons, metal woods, wedges, and hybrid clubs fit together. Since hybrids from Callaway Golf are easier to hit with and they are a combination of woods and irons, a lot of golfers decide to swap their long irons with hybrids. So, rather than just the two wedges available before, a sand wedge and a pitching wedge, you should now consider a lob wedge and a gap wedge. Consult with a professional if you are unfamiliar on how these clubs are used.